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On the web, content is king. And AVATAR has all the tools to let yours rule. From intuitive interfaces that are easy on the eyes to back-end solutions that are easy to manage, we give your web presence the throne it deserves.

AVATAR develops content management solutions and processes for any system of any size, so no matter what your scale is, you have a partner dedicated to curating your corner of the web.

See how our robust content management capabilities have helped elevate other brands, and find out what it can do for yours: 

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Well Planned Content Management is a Game Changer.

For a rich web presence, you need to start with a fully-featured content management system (CMS), giving you the benefit of:

  • An easy-to-use interface where content managers do not need advanced training
  • Increased accessibility to documents and modifications
  • Reduced waste and error-prone manual processes
  • Immediate access to information
  • Eliminating time-consuming business processes
  • Establishing a reliable and accurate audit trail
  • Branding consistency and standardization

We can build a customized web-based application system that seamlessly integrates with your website. Our in-depth experience enables us to understand your business objectives and identifies the optimal strategy to achieve each goal.

When it comes to e-commerce, AVATAR provides a flexible, robust, scalable and dependable framework built to the exact specifications of your online store or new venture portal.

Our web development practice blends the expertise of our staff in open source as well as Microsoft's .NET platforms, to deliver interactive and practical solutions for you.

There are several steps to an optimized online presence. So, where are you in the process?


Designing content management systems starts with evaluating the content you have or need.  View AVATAR's 5 Content Strategy Development Stages to help you get started with knowing your content.


Developing a content-rich site with a content friendly CMS requires process and planning.  AVATAR can help you figure out where to start by reviewing our Web Content Planning Process.  


Long term supportability and flexibility means choosing the right system from the start.  AVATAR knows many content management systems but we specialize in Umbraco.


AVATAR believes in extending the life cycle of digital marketing solutions through continuous improvement.  We can put you on that path by working with a team that knows how to respond to you.

See It In Action

At AVATAR we are big believers in providing ideas, examples, training, and planning from multiple perspectives to help include everyone in the conversation. 

For example, when we develop a content management solution, it is more than just a way to edit text. We create tools to help you manage the way you promote your business and ideas.

But sometimes you just need to see it to understand it.

Let's set the scene: You have a collection of services that you want to promote on your home page but those services change based on season, or industry, or even for the sake of keeping the conversations with your customers fresh. Let's say this is what those service entry points look like on your home page.



This is a good looking collection of entry points. Clean, clear messaging with a subtle but engaging visual cue to click on them. But on Monday morning, let's say, you decide its time to remove one of those services. Here is how you would do that with AVATAR's solution. 



Maybe you want to focus on a new particular industry. This can be as simple as re-sorting those services by dragging and dropping.




This also works for mobile, by the way.



What is particularly important about this real world example is that, well, this is a real world example - it is a feature we have built for many clients over the past 20 years to help them maximize the value and extend the life cycle of their marketing website through effective content management tools designed around how they, and you, do business.

Let's get started.

Ready to take the next step in taking charge of your digital business? Start here.

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