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LinkCommerce is an integrated e-commerce platform that is designed for rapid deployment and complete customization.  This gives you the advantage of being able to use off the shelf features where they fit and changing features to fit your business where they don’t.  This also means that Link can change as your needs change without having to start over.  LinkCommerce is developed and maintained exclusively by AVATAR.

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Industrial-strength e-commerce

Successful e-commerce is all about connectivity–between your customers, your products, and your platform. And AVATAR has the most comprehensive tools available to bring them all together.

LinkCommerce is a flexible e-commerce platform that can evolve and scale as your business’ needs, market, and opportunities do.

LinkCommerce is capable of integrating with online catalogs, external sites, mobile apps, or product configurators. When connected to your catalog, integrated with LinkPIM, or completely stand-alone, LinkCommerce is centralized enterprise e-commerce.

Give your customers what they need – B2B functionality with a B2C experience. Using customizable pricing, shipping, account, and transactions services, LinkCommerce will support your customers every step.

As a stand-alone platform, using EDI, or integrated directly into your ERP system, LinkCommerce can grow as your e-commerce initiatives grow. Start stand-alone and integrate with other systems down the road without having to start over.

E-commerce needs can vary based on your offering, market, and a number of other factors. But we've built successful platforms for a diverse group of businesses, large and small. Take a look for yourself:


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Toledo Lucas County Port Authority

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Hancock-Wood Electric Co-op

Content Management | Digital Design

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E-commerce your way.

LinkCommerce is designed to adapt to and interact with your business.  LinkCommerce is also future-proof.  Start off with LinkFoundations and upgrade later to LinkCommerce ERP for full ERP integration without having to start over again.

AVATAR works with you to design your e-commerce solution around your business.  Your pricing, your products, your customers, the way you do business. 

There are three versions available depending on where your plans start.


LinkFoundation is a ready-to-launch e-commerce platform.  Dozens of features for connecting to your catalog, managing orders, RFQ, cart management, and many more.

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LinkCommerce is the customized version of LinkFoundation - it is designed to get your e-commerce initiative launched quickly as well as the customization you need.

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Commerce ERP

LinkCommerce ERP is a fully integrated e-commerce platform that gives your business the flexibility to tie your e-commerce solution into your internal business systems.

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LinkCommerce adds e-commerce to your existing catalog, integrates with your existing systems, and helps you do business online your way.


LinkCommerce is the best of both worlds - a full featured e-commerce platform and a customizable library that AVATAR can shape to your business.  Best of all, with LinkCommerce you get AVATAR's 19 years of experience in developing e-commerce and digital business solutions.

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Easy to connect to your catalog.

Customized design to match the host site.

Robust security and fraud prevention

Administrative interface to manage and monitor orders and accounts.

Business-ready system that can expand, adjust, and grow to fit the need.



Price and Payment

Pricing services to support price calculations, quantity-based pricing, and customer-specific pricing.

Wide choice of ordering and payment methods for you to offer your customers.

Tracks shipping and handling costs with a variety of calculation methods including on the fly carrier charges by zone and weight.

Effective UX

Eliminates customer confusion with its clean, intuitive interface.

Support for upselling or impulse buying, suggesting a related product to complement the item to be purchased.

Customers can add products from the catalog to a RFQ that emails to a selected team member.

Adapt and Scale

Start with stand-alone order management and grow to ERP or QuickBooks integration.

Customer membership structured as a single-sign on.

Full integration with ERP, CRM, or other internal databases.

Adaptable with product data syndication and information management.

Product Data Syndication

Your data where you need it.  Unify your technical product data across sources and platforms.

Pricing Engine

From customer-based pricing to regional and calculated pricing, AVATAR and Link can support it.

Full ERP Integration APIs

We start with core APIs for the most popular ERP systems then expand, customize, and integrate from there.

RFQ and CRM Support

Connecting with your customers through advanced RFQ solutions as well as automated sales channel support.

Product Asset Management

Your customers need to see content beyond technical data.  With Link you can centrally manage product content such as video and documents.

Product Information Management

When your product data exists across multiple systems, you need effective Product Information Management to centralize support and use of that data.

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