Founded in 1935, Kohara Gear Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of gearing in Japan. Having been a company solely devoted to the manufacture of gears for 80 years, Kohara Gear Industry is world renowned for their KHK brand of gears. In 2005, KHK completely rebuilt their headquarters and factory location in Kawaguchi Japan to the latest earthquake standards. In 2015, KHK introduced their latest catalog KHK 3013. This catalog contains approximately 175 styles of gears in more than 15,000 configurations.

Throughout its' 80 year history, KHK has remained strictly a manufacturer of gears and has offered its' products for sale via distribution. Beginning July 1st, 2015, KHK ventured into distribution by creating KHK USA Inc. This operation, based in Mineola, New York, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohara Gear Industry. KHK USA is a factory direct, full service distributor of KHK gears with a large selection of product available off-the-shelf and frequent replenishment to meet your gearing needs. On staff application engineers can assist you with the selection of gears for your design or they can produce custom gear quotations for you. KHK USA offers convenient web based shopping, offers free 3D CAD models for download, offers both a free print catalog and the ability to download the catalog in PDF format.

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