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AVATAR offers comprehensive strategy, maintenance, and support programs to keep your digital marketing initiatives on track.

Digital Marketing

AVATAR provides a suite of services for SEM, SEO, and planning.

Process Management

Each activity will generate potentially actionable information.  The nature of the actions will determine the response.  In addition, identification of issues may come from outside AVATAR or your team.

Managed Analytics & Error Reporting

Monthly reports will be provided to the marketing team to communicate the health and stability of the system as a whole. 

Managed Analytics

A deep-dive analytics report that looks at specific metrics and provides analysis of activity from the perspective of UX, e-commerce, and inbound traffic.  This report will use analytics from no less than two sources and will vary in content each month based on what information is most valuable. This report will be the source for recommendations to continuous improvement.


AVATAR provides customized hosting solutions for sites, applications, and systems that need a more hands-on approach.

Monitoring & Testing

System Monitoring

In addition to the standard monitoring included with hosting, AVATAR will monitor application performance include communication between features (such as with ERP or CRM).  Deliverables include any identified issues outside of standard performance.

Database and Resource Monitoring

Additional monitoring will be added to all database and resource consumption to track and analyze for the purpose of enhancing performance. This findings report will be provided with an estimate for enhancements as needed beyond the scope of maintenance.

Log Analysis

AVATAR will monitor all logs throughout the system including application (500 errors), email from within the primary domain (send as well as SMTP logs), and tokenization logs. A monthly report will be supplied with any anomalies or items of concern.

General Maintenance

AVATAR will execute the following tasks on a regular basis.  These functions include automatic and requested updates occurring on a set schedule or on-demand.  These tasks will be coordinated and managed with your team through AVATAR’s digital project management process.

Content Management System Maintenance and Upgrades

All Umbraco patches and security fixes will be performed in a sandbox environment to test for stability and upgrade process.  AVATAR will coordinate with your technical teams on the process once testing is complete.  CMS upgrades and updates will occur as deemed necessary by the both teams.

Content Updates

AVATAR will make content updates to the websites as requested.  The updates include any content you request be updated as well as catalog content and process copy.  The updates covered under this agreement do not include graphic design such as the creation of graphics or photography.  General content updates will be made within two business days of the request unless otherwise discussed.

Standards Review and Implementation

All browser compatibility and coding standards to maintain functionality as well as optimal user experience.  This includes a regular review with the various team members on brand, messaging, and site architecture.  These reviews will occur monthly. This findings report will be provided with an estimate for enhancements as needed beyond the scope of maintenance.

Regular Communications

AVATAR’s team will participate in planning and strategy with the sales, marketing, and technical teams to provide expertise on the website, user experience, preparation for future features, and general status.  These reviews will occur monthly via web conference or in person.

Quality Assurance Process

AVATAR will maintain and execute a monthly QA process on all primary systems and tools.  This includes system communication, security and PCI compliance, and general website health.  The QA process will result in a monthly report on findings and an action plan for any issues discovered.

Error Management & Reporting

System Errors

A separate report of logs across the system including general application errors, email communication errors, and tokenization issues will be generated monthly. This findings report will be provided with an estimate for enhancements as needed beyond the scope of maintenance.

Quality Assurance

The results of the QA Process will be gathered into a report and shared on a monthly basis.


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