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Comprehensive and comprehensible analytics.

When you’re collecting data, measuring it is the easy part. But AVATAR’s Managed Analytics service gives you the tools to make those measurements useful. We monitor your customer’s activity from several perspectives using multiple tools to get the most honest, realistic information possible. After we review that information, we pull out the most valuable information and write a clear, comprehensive summary and explanation of why traffic looks the way it does. From this examination, we make recommendations on what to do to solve issues, make improvements, and identify opportunities.

We are looking for quality information to put you in a position of strength from which to make effective decisions. AVATAR’s goal is to give you the insight you need to direct your digital marketing, design, content, or sales initiatives.

For example, exit pages represent an opportunity to examine a customer's needs and compare that to page structure.  If we see a high percentage of traffic exiting on mid-level catalog pages before making it to specific product pages, that is a clear sign of missed opportunity.

This pattern can be corroborated using targeted session monitoring. With this level of detail, AVATAR is able to analyze the path and determine if there was a missed opportunity in directing potential customers through the sales process. AVATAR’s recommendation would be two-fold in this scenario. First, we introduced a new layer into the planned path by including a product-specific call to action. Second, we altered the design and placement of the call to action to be located along the typical path of a customer’s mouse location.

The information generated through AVATAR’s Managed Analytics service presented us with direct knowledge of a browsing customer’s frustration; we were able to share that information with our client, the website owner, and together determine a solution to improve the user experience effectively, leading to improved traffic and more leads generated.

AVATAR’s Managed Analytics gives you actionable intelligence each month to put your website or e-store on the path to continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement

Analytics mean different things to different people – different perspectives see value in different analytics. 

AVATAR's Managed Analytics takes the guesswork out of understanding how your catalog and online store is functioning and supporting your goals.

AVATAR takes the time to understand what you are looking to get out of analytics and we put together a regular report that does not just repeat those goals but creatively looks at all available information and generates performance information that responds to your perspective.  That information, good or bad, gives you the information you need to run your business.

With that information, we then provide you with what to change, update, or consider to affect the outcomes and drive them closer to success.


AVATAR's Managed Analytics program gives you a monthly report written by an expert to help you understand what is going with your catalog and e-commerce.


Each report is written based on the results we see - not some template.  So you see the information that is important that month.


We include recommendations based on the information we are seeing so if we see something going wrong or right, you know about it and you know what to do about it.

What you need to know when you need to know it.

Often, you need to consume analytics in order to make a business decision. Even with a passion for analytics it can be difficult to put that information in context of technology, user experience, layout, and, most importantly, what you can get out of the data and what is actionable.

Many decision makers avoid actively using analytics systems. This lack of use doesn’t come from a lack of desire. The desire is to be independent, to be the expert, to know what needs to be known, and go from the gut.  This leads to the assumption that analytics system are not necessary or counter to their way of doing business.

The decision maker can be more engaged in the analytics conversation when they are empowered with expertise they can rely on. By focusing on a few KPIs supported by information from various perspectives, the decision maker is empowered to use that to support their own decisions. The more the decision maker can be delivered expertly curated data, the better their own conclusions will be. Instead of patronizing the decision maker with rose-colored details, true analytics looks to expose opportunity and to tell the story that needs to be heard.

What do you need to do to successfully adapt to leveraging analytics?

Here many analytics solutions go astray. They are typically a tool just that is easy to ignore and with no authority for conclusion and awareness of opportunity.

AVATAR’s Managed Analytics is not just another dashboard but a hard hitting, deep dive into what is driving or hurting traffic, sales, RFQs – whatever is vital to your digital business. We embrace the reality of decision-making by providing the decision maker with a personalized, clearly written report with specific recommendations based on the data we are seeing.

The fact is, unless an organization is led by an expert, analytics have no use whatsoever unless a decision maker can consume it, understand it, and contextualize it. AVATAR’s Managed Analytics evolves each month to make that process easy as easy as possible.

Effective analytics focus on the things you care about. It is not about bells and whistles. It’s not about animated charts. Giving you what you need to know, each and every time, is the key to success.


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