Manage Addresses for Mapping and Search

Paracoord is a location management solution to help you easily integrate mapping and search into your website or app. Locations are managed in a central address book that feeds your website with search tools including address, distance, and name searches. Those locations can be displayed on a map and/or list, as well prioritized and sorted.

With Paracoord, you can manage your rep, dealers, or store locations to be used across multiple websites - all through an easy to use web interface.

Paracoord allows you to...

Consolidate Your Data

Manage your location data in one place. Access it through a robust Javascript API.

Display Your Locations

Integrate with any map service API, or use our library for Google Maps.

Search Your Locations

Allow your users to search your location based on their zipcode.

Prioritize Location Results

Our system provides the ability to give one location priority over another based on served zipcodes.

Geocode Automatically

Provide the address, we'll handle the technical stuff and geocode it for you.

Manage From Anywhere

A web-based dashboard allows you to manage your location data from anywhere.

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