Associated Spring Raymond

Associated Spring Raymond

For more than a century, Associated Spring RAYMOND, a business of Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE:B), has been a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of highly engineered products & solutions including springs, precision metal components, functional assemblies, and custom hardware solutions. From the 1882 Raymond “baby jumper spring” to the 1910 Wright Brothers’ engine valve springs, today, Associated Spring RAYMOND supplies billions of precision parts to industries on a global scale.

With worldwide stock of over 100,000 SKUs, and leading brands & technology like Raymond®, m–Struts®, SPEC®, SPD, and Clover®Dome, we provide quality products with competitive pricing, outstanding quality, global service, and on–time delivery to our customers around the world.

AVATAR works with Associated Spring Raymond's global business marketing teams to provide e-commerce and data integration services for pricing, inventory, order management, payment processing, and digital marketing support.

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