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PTI was founded in late 1985 by Thomas E. Brady PhD, former VP and Director of Technology for Owens-Illinois, Inc., and the individual who had been assigned primary responsibility for leading the technical and commercial development of PET bottle technology at O-I during the period 1971-1984.

Over time, PTI developed client relationships with other high profile self manufacturing concerns, resin suppliers, machinery builders, brand owners, and converters. PTI learned how to work with competitive customers and is recognized for its excellence in protecting customer intellectual property and confidentiality. PTI customers are involved in every step of the PET value chain from raw material supply through end of life recyclability process studies.

PTI is recognized today as the premier PET technical development and support resource in that industry, with nearly 120 employees worldwide, and offices and laboratories in Ohio and Geneva. However, PTI truly is plastic technologies, and has worked with a variety of materials and processes. Recent developments with biopolymers such as PLA, nanotechnology for material additives, flexible packaging and pouches, sustainable packaging initiatives, and instrument development with new sensors are all part of the portfolio of technology PTI creates for clients.

AVATAR works with PTI in its global marketing to develop content management, digital design, data integration, and to support its affiliates.

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Plastic Technologies

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