Buckeye Shapeform

Buckeye Shapeform's history dates back to 1902, the year Teddy Roosevelt became the first American president to ride in an automobile; the U.S. paid France $40,000 for the rights to the Panama Canal; and Michigan beat Stanford in the first Rose Bowl game. That same year in Columbus, Ohio, E. C. Derby founded the Buckeye Stamping Company, and the origins of the company were firmly established.

In 1995, company stockholders sold the Buckeye Stamping Company to D & H Holdings Ltd. The following year Buckeye Stamping purchased Shapeform Inc. Based in Plain City, Ohio, Shapeform Inc. manufactured deep draw tube-shaped aluminum products. End users included missile and flare housings for the military, oxygen tanks for firefighters and scuba divers, air cleaner housings for Hummer vehicles, electronic tracking devices used by the United States Navy, and other tubular products. The merged companies operated under a new name, Buckeye Shapeform. The seamless tin containers, plastic knobs, metal and plastic enclosures and metal Shapeform products were manufactured at the corporate facility.

AVATAR is honored to work with a company with such a long and energetic history.  We provide content management, digital design, and integration services for Buckeye Shapeform.

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Buckeye Shapeform

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