Brother Gearmotor

Brother Gearmotor

Brother Gearmotors has been a leader in design and innovation for more than 50 years. Serving customers in 40 countries around the world, we’re dedicated to delivering premier customer support and developing high performance products. Through state-of-the-art, energy efficient power transmission components and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, Brother Gearmotors is truly designing for reliability and building for endurance.

A division of Brother International Corporation, Brother Gearmotors offers a wide range of high-quality, sub-fractional AC gearmotors and reducers in demanding industries such as food & beverage, packaging and material handling. Brother Gearmotors is one of the world’s largest fine-pitch gear manufacturers and was designed in response to the industry’s demand for smaller, lighter, more reliable and energy-efficient power transmission components.

AVATAR works with Brother to deliver their product catalog, CAD, and content through a customer content management system.

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