The need for open standards in Government data.

Governments are often slow to change standards, less nimble than most organizations, they fall behind rapidly evolving technologies. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but applying Open Data Standards (ODS) to governments would provide a significant return on investment as well as more flexibility within government agencies.

Continuing without ODS limits governments to a select group of vendors. This, in turn, restricts the types of technologies that can be leveraged. Implementing ODS not only provides more choices, it also the streamlines the current data structure.

Utilizing a data structure that is compatible with other agencies allows such groups to communicate, share documents, and integrate systems easily. Through Open Data Standards, organization is optimized while manual input is decreased resulting in increased efficiency.

Without ODS, governments are forced to use outdated software, built to work with their current files. Using outdated systems may appear innocuous, but doing so can cause many problems. Upgrades can be difficult, or unavailable. The software may not be compatible with new platforms and devices. Support for the system may be limited or non-existent. All of these problems can be eliminated by using ODS.

Open Data Standards also allow for easy translation of documents to foreign languages. Since most governments need the flexibility to offer documents in multiple languages, this option saves on the cost of translation while providing a standardized structure.

Open Data Standards allow organizations to structure their data in a universal format. Governments should take advantage of this to expand their vendor options and streamline communication with other agencies. ODS provides a return on investment, while expanding software options and protecting organizations from software obsolescence.

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