Simple tips for an effective digital strategy

Organize a Structure
The most important part of making your website effective: a strong, flexible organization. Start by writing an outline of your business, products and services. How do you categorize your services?

Know Your Audience
What are you communicating to whom? It will help you plan for what each audience type is expecting. People appreciate being spoken to in their own context.

Plan your Content 
Now that you have your structure in place and your audience organized, re-examine how well they fit together. Do your clients use the same terms that you do for you products?

Avoid Jargon
If you must use industry jargon, provide a friendly and ever-present glossary. It is best to avoid it, however.

Call to Action
What do you want your audience/clients to do after they look at your products or review your services? Do not rely on the “Contact Us” to drive more clients to your doorstep. Tell them what you want them to do and provide them multiple ways of doing it immediately – email, phone number, chat, survey, etc are all good tools to keep the conversation with your prospects moving forward.

Maintain Relevance
The content on your website should be focused on your business. If you would like to include photos of you at the latest body building competition, setup a separate site and link to it – but keep them separate!

Contact Information
One of the most common items overlooked on a website is basic contact information. I recommend putting it on every page.

Plan for Accessibility
Make it a point to consider accessibility issues with your website. Read through to understand how to make your website friendly to alternative reading devices and those with disabilities. Although the Section 508 standard is not a required for private businesses, it is a good guideline to follow.

Utilize Video
Can you show your product in action? Provide a video testimonial from one of your current clients? You’re your clients on a video tour of your facility? Done well, video and audio can provide an additional layer of content and familiarity that modern consumers appreciat

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