Raising funds online

Non-profits, politicians, schools, and community organizations can look across a broad range of opportunities to help with fund raising efforts online.  Consider the following:

Sales percentage programs are offered by dozens of businesses.  From restuarants to outdoor gear outfitters offer fundraising opportunities.   Promote these programs with updates on your website with specific information on previous successes, intiative dates and times, organized trips and positive feedback on the sponsoring organization’s products and services.  Consider creating a mini-site that specifically promotes these programs.

Direct donation can be an effective way to get the greatest support from a diverse group.  The most common barrier to entry for direct online donation is the cost to configure merchant accounts, security and implementation.  However, there are dozens of methods for implementing immediate transaction tools with little cost or technical skill.  Services like ChipIn can help get you started immediately. 

Promoting your events online is crucial.  Event-based fund raising efforts are popular and usually a great exchange of value.   Develop supporting tools to promote events and faciliate participation.   This can also relate to asking for voluteers or service donations.  Many opportunities are missed in event promotion online.  Consider online RSVP and more information requests.  Open, transparent approaches will help you clarify cost, benefit, attire, location, date, previous successes which will increase comfort and participation. 

Fund raising is a vital part to many organizations’ survival.  Be diverse in your efforts and recognize your website is a 24-hour/day source of information.  If your plan does not include raising funds online then promote that you do accept donations, how those donations will be used and recognize past benefactors for their generosity.

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