Quick Fire Tips for Effective Email Marketing

For some, email marketing is a golden opportunity to reach numerous customers, increase brand recognition and cross-sell many different things. However, for others, email marketing…

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Dynamic SQL

While working on a project I was challenged to build a table that showed only the columns of data associated with the current family of data. The challenge was the database I was p…

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The 3 Essential Functions of Social Media

A friend asked me the other day why companies get involved in social media. After posing her question, she proceeded to answer it herself. “So they can do more advertising and stuf…

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Improve your Ecommerce Presence

The world of Ecommerce is at a unique point in its young life.  With the increased focus on web standards and usability, web users are constantly on the lookout for something cutti…

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QR Codes Unleashed

As mobile application acceptance and influence grows, finding better ways to connect information will evolve. That means not only sharing but also accessing information and applica…

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