The need for open standards in Government data.

Governments are often slow to change standards, less nimble than most organizations, they fall behind rapidly evolving technologies. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but appl…

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Software is the Thing

Adrian Convert on CNNMoney writes, “Short of mind reading, time travel and cold fusion, consumer electronic devices are able to do just about everything we want them to. That's why…

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Approaches to a 24-hour Government

The concept of a 24-hour Government addresses the need for Government agencies, departments, organizations and municipalities to provide services without concern for physical locat…

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Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) is the processes your organization takes with your documents and process materials to store, organize, and maintain. This is knowledge managemen…

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Know Your Audience

Maybe you are a new or an established business that is looking to revitalize your products and services, either way your online presence represents the fastest and most flexible ve…

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Quick Tip: Fluid Width Images

I’ve been working on a mobile website which requires me to make the site practical and functional across a myriad of devices and their corresponding screen sizes. Usually, this isn…

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Rising Mobile Technology in 2011

With the New Year off and running, the outlook of the web market is beginning to shape itself. More and more companies are creating mobile web sites and the need for a mobile site …

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