Customer Retention in B2B E-Commerce

Understanding how to retain customers is important for online business B2B sales are complex as compared to B2C sales. That's because often several people are involved in the sale…

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B2B E-Commerce Statistics & Latest Trends 2017

A few years back, creating an e-commerce site was more or less an afterthought for wholesalers and distributors. Well, not anymore. As per the recent statistics and trends in the w…

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US sees 15% growth in e-commerce in 2016

42% of the growth in the U.S. retail market last year was through web sales. That is a good trend for online retailers - e-commerce represented 11.7% of total sales in 2016. The le…

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Know Your Customer's Rights

One of the many decisions when designing an e-commerce solution is mapping out when a credit card transaction is marked, finalized, canceled, or repeated. Knowing the rules will he…

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Simple tips for an effective digital strategy

Organize a StructureThe most important part of making your website effective: a strong, flexible organization. Start by writing an outline of your business, products and services. …

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